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Interested in Cheer Tryouts at Excite?
Check out our team information below and click on any of the Tryout info buttons or go to our tryout page!

Interested in Cheer?


Cheer Philosophy

Here at Excite! we are in constant pursuit of excellence in training our athletes to do their very best, expecting nothing more but accepting nothing less. We are equally committed to your families experience with us by maintaining a strong character driven environment that will help to develop our future leaders.  Thank you for sharing your children with us!!!!!

At Excite! our mission is to train and instruct all children to the level of their full potential. Excite! is committed to be a program that is unique, fun and creative, while offering a higher level of professional excellence. Excite! measures success in kids’ smiles and strives to always do more, be more and give more!

At Excite!, we see ourselves responsible for more than just teaching skills. We need to lead by example and develop kids to a higher level of commitment, develop a great sense of character and integrity, team spirit and respectful behavior.  At Excite! We are not #1 our kids are!!

Encouraging Xtreme Character In Training Excellence”

Next tryouts: May 2024

Our next tryouts will be in May of 2024!

Sign up in a cheer and tumble or tumble class today to prepare.

More info coming soon!

Half Season

This classification runs from October to February and is only available if there is space in the gym. This is for kids ages 5-14 that are wanting to try cheerleading for the first time but cannot commit to the full season. These teams will be exhibition only and will help athletes learn some of the basics to cheerleading. *No skills or prior cheer knowledge is needed*



This is a great place to start for any athlete. This will help get them ready to be able to learn all of the basics of cheer. The biggest skill they learn is how to do a full routine with music. These teams perform all sections of a normal cheer routine (stunts, jumps, tumbling, dance, etc.) and will be scored/ranked by judges, however they do not compete against other teams. This team is all about having FUN!! And bonus, they learn all the necessary cheerleading skills to be on a competitive team some day! These teams will only practice 1 day a week, age range of teams will depend on interest but our governing body allows athletes ages 3-18 to participate in this classification. *No skills or prior cheer knowledge is needed*



This is great for your athlete that has started to really love cheer and wants to compete! These teams must adhere to a practice time limit of 2 hours per week (we will allow an extra 30 minutes for stretching time) which we split into two different days. Athletes will learn a full routine, will be judged, and will compete against other teams. This is a great step before starting All Star cheer and/or is a great fit for years to come! It helps athletes to master the basics, decide if they want to further their cheer career and they get to perform and compete around the metroplex! Age range of teams will depend on interest, but our governing body allows athletes ages 5-18 to participate in this classification. *We prefer that athletes have some sort of cheer and/or tumble experience. Skills: strong forward and backward roll, strong cartwheel or roundoff, and a bridge kickover for this classification. Exceptions may be made for stunting positions*


Premier Prep

This is a great next step for your athlete that has been in prep for one or several seasons and is wanting to take the next step without having to commit to all that is All Star. It is the perfect in between of Prep and All Star in all aspects. This classification is one that Excite has developed. These teams will still compete as a Prep team and in Prep divisions at events but is a way for us at Excite to give our customers what they want and need. These teams will attend at least one National Competition (hosted locally) and other competitions in the metroplex. Age range will depend on interest, but our governing body allows athletes ages 5-18 to participate in this classification. *We prefer that athletes have at least 1 season of Prep team experience. Skills: strong backward roll, strong roundoff and backwalkover for this classification. Exceptions may be made for stunting positions.*


All Star

This is the main event! This is where your athlete really gets to shine and compete against top gyms from around the country! All Star is very similar to a select sport in that the time commitment increases, as well as the skills learned and the competition. At our gym, All Star also gets a lot of benefits such as attending a summer camp, spend the night, travel trips and fun gifts/games during the year! If you absolutely love cheer and want to see how great you can get at it, then All Star is perfect for you! These teams will practice 5-7 hours a week which will include 30 minutes extra time to be used as needed for specific areas needing focus; tumble, jumps, conditions and will be spread across 3 different days. This classification can have athletes from 7-18 years of age. *Skills: Minimum front and back walkovers, knowledge of stunting skills and prior cheer experience (1-2 seasons on prep). Exceptions may be made for stunting positions.*


Inspire – Special Abilities Cheer team

Excite! Has had this team in our program since 2011 and is one of our most precious programs that we offer! This team is available for any athlete ages 6 and up that are considered special abilities that is wanting to be active and a part of a team. With this program, each athlete with special needs is partnered up with one of our All Star Cheerleaders to be next to and with during the routine. Athletes will learn a full cheerleading routine with stunts, tumbling, dance, jumps and cheer and will perform at local competitions.

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