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Are you interested in trying out for the gymnastics team at Excite!? Check out some information below and click on the Team Interest Form to get in touch with our gym team coaches!

Gymnastics Team

About Our Gymnastics Teams

Excite! is in its 22nd year of gymnastics training and competition. We have created a legacy of training athletes to compete at the top of their level, winning numerous State and Regional titles. Our teams practice times range from 4 hours a week for beginners to 17 hours a week for our upper level athletes. Excite! currently competes in USAG and TAAF, offering J.O. and XCEL programs in each. See more information below with each program and their unique distinctions.

Encouraging Xtreme Character In Training Excellence”

Programs We Offer





Level 1

This is our beginning level of compulsory team gymnastics. This group includes gymnast that have basic skills which include handstands, cartwheels, back bends, chin up pull overs, etc. This level will compete in 3-4 meets per season plus the state meet during the TAAF season.


Level 2

This next level of compulsory team gymnastics consist of round offs, back bend kick overs, back hip circles, handstands on beam, etc. Level 2 will compete in 3-4 meets and also in the state meet.


Level 3

This is our intermediate level for compulsory gymnastics. This group includes gymnast who will perform round off back hand springs, handstands on beam, a vault onto the whale mat, etc. Level 3 will compete in 4-5 meets and also state.

Gymnastics Levels

Level 4

This is our intermediate/advanced compulsory team. This group will perform front hand springs on vault and floor, cartwheels on beam, jump from low bar to high bar, etc. Level 4 will compete in 5-7 meets and also state.

Level 5

This level is the most advanced of the compulsory teams. These gymnasts will practice back tucks, front hand springs on vault, punch fronts on floor, fly aways on bar, etc. Level 5 will compete in 5-7 meets and also state.


Level 6-8

This group of gymnast will be able to perform a choreographed routine on each event. They will also compete in 6-8 meets and also state.


Xcel is an alternate USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnast of varying abilities and commitment levels, the opportunity for rewarding gymnastics experience. Xcel gymnasts are responsible to follow all of the gymnastic team policies, as they are a part of the gymnastics team.

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