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We train our athletes in a fun, safe and positive environment. With over fifty years of experience on our gymnastics and tumbling staff our philosophy is perfection before progression. Our goal is to ensure that your athlete continues to progress throughout their gymnastics and tumbling career. Clinics help our athletes focus on specific skills they are focused on gaining. Clinics run weekly and are often held during times the gym is closed for holidays or breaks.

*Minimum Enrollment required, clinic will be canceled 48 hours prior if minimum is not met. 


Tuesday 3:30 pm & Thursday 4:00 pm


Wednesday 4:00 pm


Saturday 9:30 am


Tuesday 4:45 pm, Wednesday 4:30 pm, & Saturday 12:15 PM
Students must be able to execute round off with a rebound. Have the knowledge and physical ability to hold themselves in a back bend or strong bridge. Back walkover not required but preferred.


Wednesday 4:00 pm
Students must be able to execute consistent tumble basics and have an understanding of drills used to strengthen aerial technique. (Cartwheel block, adequate flexibility on both legs, strong lunge positions, etc)

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