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Private Classes

Excite! Gym offers a wide range of private classes in gymnastics, cheer, dance and tumble. See the information below and/or ask for more information by visiting or contacting our front office. Please feel free to email or call.

Excite! Privates Non Member participants are required pay the annual registration fee due each August.

IF you are attending monthly classes with us you are automatically billed in August this is a one time a year registration.

To qualify as a member you need to be enrolled in a monthly tuition class at Excite!


  • 1) To sign up for a private session: Students should contact & schedule directly with the coach of their choice. If the student does not know who they want, they can send an email to with the skill they want to work on and the office will forward to coaches. It is the coaches responsibility to contact the student and schedule the private lesson.

  • 2) Process for taking a private during normal office hours (COVID UPDATED):

    • Coach will set private lesson and email the office with the date and time.

    • Two payments are required: one for the coach and one for the gym portion. The office will charge the account for the gym portion. (Registration must be current; the family must have an account with a valid credit card on file)

    • The coach will receive payment through cash, check, venmo etc.

    • This is our effort to create a contact less transaction for the office.

Coaches Contact:

Alison Howard: 214-649-5624

Alyssa Palnau: 972-821-1481

Wicam Smith: 914-233-6770

Caitlin Crane: 281-610-4941

Dane Mahieu: 214-783-6638

Destiny Studer: 972-904-4939

Dustin Doshier: 469-964-4106

Kourtney Parker: 214-458-8791

Blake Covington: 972-286-0917

Danni Gray: 682-478-9877

Jake Reyes: 325-232-4993

Jordan MacAllister: 940-435-1506

Noelle Pratt: 214-952-9573

Stacie Ternes: 972-822-9512

Tia Travis: 469-486-2780

Tiffany Parker: 972-489-302

Morayna Johnson: 469-996-6229

Kevin Bates: 817-874-6741

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