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Cheer Hotline 10.5.23-10.12.23

ANNOUNCEMENTS 10.5-10.12 REMINDER WE ARE OPEN OCTOBER 8TH AND 9TH!!! We realize that LISD is closed these dates but we will be open and all practices and classes will be running!

ALL TEAMS: COMPETITION WAIVERS NEEDED! All athletes need a parent signature on a team waiver to be able to perform. These are located at the front desk in the red cheer team binder (right next to the office door). Teams are in alphabetical order. Please find your athletes’ name, fill out information next to their name and sign- do not add name to the bottom. This needs to be done by OCTOBER 20TH. Keep in mind that your team may have to sign 2 different waivers!

ALL TEAMS: PINK WEEK THROUGH OCTOBER 8TH! *We will count donations next week and announce the winner on the next hotline!* We will be collecting donations and having a contest! Classifications (Novice, Prep, Premier Prep and All Star) will be competing against each other! We will average out the total amount donated by the amount of cheerleaders in that classification, the one with the highest amount WINS! Bring coins or cash to your pink practice, or any time before Monday 10.9, to donate. All monies will be donated to a long time Excite member, Debbie Helmstetter. Many of you know her as your nurse at All Star camp or cheered with one of her 3 daughters here. She is truly an incredible person and we want to help her any way we can with her battle against breast cancer!!

ALL TEAMS: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28TH EXTRA PRACTICE TIMES *These are in the Important Dates Section* Mandatory extra practice times have now been set! All Star Teams: 10am-11:30am Prep and Premier Prep: 11:30am-1pm Novice and Inspire: 1pm-2:30pm

OBSESSION: COMP HAIR STYLE CHANGE After our trial run, coaches have decided to do a different hair style for this season. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes! They will now be doing a high pony with curls but with a tease at the top of the pony tail.

ALL TEAMS: COACH CELL NUMBERS/ COMMUNICATION REMINDERS -All team coach phone numbers are now in the attachments section. These should only be used for; private lessons OR any day of practice issues/illnesses. -If something comes up the day of practice, please text ALL of your team coaches. We are off email and on the floor coaching starting around 3pm each day. Texting will ensure that we see your message BEFORE practice starts. -Please do not send private messages on band. We ask that you tell your child they cannot direct message any coach on any platform, including BAND. Parents and/or another adult MUST be included in any communication with coach to athlete. An athlete posting in their team band is ok since we have multiple adults on those groups- we just do not allow private messaging.

PREP/ PREMIER PREP AND ALL STAR: Banquet information Reminder first: Per the handbook everyone will be billed a cheerleader ticket and a parent ticket for $40 each. Additional tickets can be purchased, but these will be $48. We are keeping to our word to not change billing from what the handbook states, but the pricing went up considerably for banquet food and we had not anticipated this; we are trying to not go into the hole too much.

ALL TEAMS: Review Request Hi all! We have never solicited for google reviews, but we are hoping you can help us out. Sadly, usually the only people that posts are malicious attempts to damage a business and the posts are far from the truth and we know it and try to take the high road. We had a bad review from a person that has never even attended the gym in a class or any event. We are just asking; if you want to write a review on behalf of Excite! we’d love to get the real stories out there and ratings.

ALL TEAMS: FREE COMMUNITY EVENT! Lakeside is hosting a event called North Texas Eco Friendly Vehicle Fair on October 15th! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE TO HELP SPONSOR THE EVENT!

ALL TEAMS: PRACTICE REMINDERS AS WE HEAD INTO COMP SEASON 1. Please be sure athletes bring a water bottle to practice and do NOT set it down in the hallway. We have cubbies on the floor and all bottles need to go there to keep hallway clear. 2. No jewelry on at practices! This includes hair ties on wrists and apple watches. This is a safety hazard AND we are starting to film routine elements to be reviewed – these videos will come back as illegal if any jewelry is on. 3. All Athletes, regardless of age, must wear a sports bra under their shirt to every practice. 4. Use proper hygiene/ deodorant. As we get into running routines more, athletes will be sweating a lot. Please be sure your athlete applies deodorant right before practice and/or brings it with them to practice. We work in close quarters in our routines and want everyone to feel comfortable! 5. Use Proper Nutrition! As mentioned above, we will be having very active practices and we need athletes at their best to keep them and those around them safe. Be sure they are drinking plenty of water and eat before practices.

ALL TEAMS: EXPO INFORMATION! We are so excited to host our annual Expo next month! This is our big show off and our team’s first performance of the season! Start to share times and information with your friends and family to attend! When: October 29th, 2023 Session #1 Teams-Inspire, Tikis, Dream, Dare, Believe and Dazzle (This is also the performance order) Athletes arrive at 12pm Doors open for spectators at 1:15pm- teams will start within 5 minutes. Everyone will exit the building by 1:45pm due to the next session. Session #2 Teams- Tremor, Electric, Courage, Fearless, Dynamite, Obsession, and Lady eX (This is also the performance order) Athletes arrive at 1pm Doors open for spectators at 2:45pm- teams will start within 5 minutes. Everyone will exit the building by 3:15pm due to the next session (gymnastics). Tickets: -These are already available to purchase! Log into your parent portal and find Expo tickets under events. Tickets will be $15. Children 5 and under are FREE. These will be available for you to pick up the week before the event. -Why do we charge? The gym rents out bleachers/ chairs for viewing and we are renting out even more this year to fit everyone! We have ALL of our staff work this event to make things as fun, smooth and as enjoyable as possible for everyone. We make this a BIG production- we put a lot of effort into making sure the kids get a fun and competition like atmosphere for this event! Other information: -We will also be giving the option to pre-purchase flowers. This will be on next week’s hotline. -All details such as where to drop off, performance order, etc. will be released in a couple of weeks. -We will be taking Team Pictures on this date and will be available for purchase the following week. (Individual photos will be taken on a different day) -There will be food and snack available to purchase. -There will be lots of proshop discounts!

1. ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: 9.28-10.4 Inspire: Brittany Tiny Tikis: Dream: Harper Dare: Ella Believe: Lydia Dazzle: Gracelyn Tremor: Yaslene Electric: Rita Courage: Kali Dynamite: Skylla Obsession: Graci Fearless: Ashlyn Lady eX: Emme

2. WHAT TO WEAR THURSDAY 10.5: GRAY TANK/ ANY SHORTS/ HAIR BOW/ CHEER SHOES SUNDAY 10.8: PINK OUT! Wear as much pink as possible in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Be sure to bring your coins/cash to donate!! See more info in Announcements section on how this will work! MONDAY 10.9: BLACK TANK/ ANY SHORTS/ HAIR BOW/ CHEER SHOES TUESDAY 10.10: WHITE TANK OR SHIRT/ ANY SHORTS/ HAIR BOW/ CHEER SHOES WEDNESDAY 10.11: WHITE TANK OR SHIRT/ ANY SHORTS/ HAIR BOW/ CHEER SHOES THURSDAY 10.12: GRAY TANK/ ANY SHORTS/ HAIR BOW/ CHEER SHOES SUNDAY 10.15: GRAY TANK/ ANY SHORTS/ HAIR BOW/ CHEER SHOES

3. PROSHOP SPIRIT SALE: We will have a table for ALL spirit sale orders to be picked up at Expo in the pro shop area outside EMBROIDERY: If you would like to get your athletes name on their backpack or warm up jacket, please take them to Flip Dog Sportswear located in our parking lot. They have our approved font and color for both items. (backpacks white, jackets black, both block print) Contact at 972-691-3557. VARSITY PRACTICE WEAR: According to the ETA from Varsity, practice wear will not arrive until EXPO.

4. INSPIRE Reminders/ Notes: -Practice Shirts will be passed out this Sunday!! If you need any sizing adjustments, please email into -Uniforms: All returning members, you will get you uniform in time for our first competition but not Expo. New members, yours will not be in until after the first competition. We are trying to get all uniforms in as soon as possible but they do take time. For Expo, all athletes will wear their practice shirt and black shorts for the performance with their competition bow. Reminder that we do not provide cheer shoes, please be sure your athlete has a pair of white athletic shoes or cheer shoes to wear for competitions. -MANDATORY WAIVER: There are 2 team waivers that you need to sign for your athlete. Both team waivers are located at the front desk in the red cheer team binder right by the office door. Find Inspire (in alphabetical order), find your athlete’s name and fill out all information and sign. This needs to be done by OCTOBER 20TH. - Please use the calendar here for this season! CLICK HERE FOR INSPIRE CALENDAR -All Fees Should be paid at this time. We will contacting people individually next week for any balances. Practice 10.8: 12:45pm-1:30pm PINK OUT! Wear as much pink as possible in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Be sure to bring your coins/cash to donate!! See more info in Announcements section on how this will work!

5. IMPORTANT DATES *Specialty Billing Dates are included! (added 8.24.23)* October 8th and 9th: GYM IS OPEN! We do not close with LISD for this holiday since it is so close to competition season. October 27th: Trunk or Treat Team event (more information to come) October 28th: Extra Practices: NOVICE, PREP, PREMIER PREP, ALL STAR, INSPIRE. -All Star Teams: 10am-11:30am -Prep and Premier Prep: 11:30am-1pm -Novice and Inspire: 1pm-2:30pm October 29th: EXCITE! EXPO! -Novice, Prep, Premier Prep, All Star and Inspire October 31st: GYM CLOSED- no practices or classes November 19th-25th: GYM CLOSED- no practices or classes November 12th: COMPETITION- Novice, Premier Prep, Courage and Obsession November 26th: All Star MANDATORY return practice. $100 fine and alternate status if missed! All Star and Premier Prep teams will have a workout requirement to complete over the break. November 30th: -All Star: Travel Fees charged (amount TBD) -Premier Prep: NCA Nationals Fee charged (amount TBD) December 1st: Extra Practice- Premier Prep and All Star. Times TBD. December 1st: Deadline to decline banquet tickets-must email into December 2nd and 3rd: COMPETITION- Inspire, Premier Prep and All Star December 3rd: COMPETITION- Prep December 9th: COMPETITION- Premier Prep, Dynamite, Fearless and Lady eX December 17th-January 1st: No Team Practices. There will be camps, clinics and open gym options during this period. All Star teams and Premier Prep teams will also have work out requirements over break. December 20th-January 2nd: GYM CLOSED- no classes running. There will be camps, clinics and open options during this period. January 2nd: All Star MANDATORY return practice. EVERY ALL-STAR TEAM WILL PRACTICE THIS DATE! $100 fine and alternate status if missed! January 12th: Extra Practice- Prep and All Star. January 13th and 14th: COMPETITION- Half season, Inspire, Prep and All Star. January 27th and January 28th: COMPETITION- Premier Prep and All Star January 31st: Banquet Billing. From Handbook: “You will be charged for 1 athlete and 1 parent ticket per child. Cost will be between $30-$40 each.” February 3rd: COMPETITION- half season, Inspire, Novice, Prep. All Star TBD. February 17th: ALL STAR TRAVEL COMP- Shreveport, LA. All Star only. February 25th-28th: NCA Week! Premier Prep and All-Star teams will practice every day during this time period. February 29th: Potential Practice- Premier Prep and All Star. You will find out on Wednesday night if your team is practicing this date. February 26th-29th: NO HALF SEASON, NOVICE OR PREP TEAM PRACTICES. This is due to NCA week and those teams needing to come in extra. This was listed in your handbook. March 1st-3rd: NCA NATIONALS! Premier Prep will compete on the 1st. Courage will compete on the 1st and 2nd. Dynamite, Obsession, Fearless and Lady eX will compete on the 2nd and 3rd. March 10th-17th: GYM CLOSED FOR SPRING BREAK. Practices and classes will resume on Monday the 18th. March 22nd: Extra Practice- Novice and Prep. Times TBD. March 23rd: COMPETITION- Novice and Prep March 26th: Novice End of season party March 28th: Banquet for Prep, Premier Prep and All Star Teams *edited 8.31.23* March 30th: End of season for Novice Teams *Novice end of year party TBD* April 11th-14th: Seniors and All-Star coaches in Daytona for College Nationals. April 18th-21st: All Star Worlds in Orlando, FL. All Star TBD. April 30th: End of season for Premier Prep. *Banquet TBD* May 2nd-5th: The Summit in Orlando, FL. All Star TBD. 2024-2025 SEASON DATES: -All Star Camp *Mandatory*: June 22nd-25th, 2024 at Camp Buckner (Posted August 2023) -Novice/Prep/ Premier Prep In House Camp and Choreography *Mandatory*: July 10th-13th,2024 -All Star Choreography *Mandatory*: July 15th-21st, 2024 (Posted September 2023)

6. ATTACHMENTS: Coach Cell Numbers: To be used on day of absences, private lessons or emergencies: *Please include ALL of your team coaches in your texts regarding practices/emergencies* Alison Howard: 214-649-5624 Alyssa Palnau: 972-821-1481 Blake Covington: 972-286-0917 Danni Gray: 682-478-9877 Destiny Studer: 972-904-4939 Jake Reyes: 325-232-4993 Jordan MacAllister: 940-435-1506 Morayna Johnson: 469-996-6229 Tiffany Parker: 972-489-302 Wicam Smith: 914-233-6770 Absent Request: Email Subject Line- athlete name and team name Body- Reason for missing. Include if this is a school graded event or not. Competition Schedule: PROGRAM SCHEDULE DETAILED SCHEDULE Hair Styles -Novice and Prep: High Pony with straight hair / CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL -Premier Prep: High Pony with curls / CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL -Courage: Braids into low pony with curls / CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL -Dynamite: 1 braid into high pony with curls / CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL -Obsession, Fearless and Lady eX: High Pony with curls / CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL

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