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Acro Hotline | 9.7.23-9.14.23


Welcome to Acro team! This hotline will serve as our main source of communication with families and will include all information pertaining to billing, choreography dates, meet information, and more! The hotline is posted each Thursday by 5:00 pm, and we ask that you check it weekly no later than Friday afternoon. Keeping up with the hotline is imperative to staying up to date with all acro team information! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to We look forward to a great year!


*Jackets and backpacks will not be required for acro this year. However, we generally keep the same items for 2-3 years, and these will be required for acro members next season. *Tumble classes: If you are having issues getting into a tumble class, please email and we will look into options with you! *Absence Requests: We will have a form on the website soon for absence requests. In the meantime, please email into if needing to miss practice. *Acro Band information will be on next week’s hotline


*SIZING: Thank you to everyone who came in for sizing this week. If we missed you, please email in to set up a make-up time by Saturday, 9/9.


*Billing for uniform top will be on September 29th, with October Billing *SHOES—Pick between these two options. Please order your shoes and spanks THIS WEEK so that the girls can practice in them before expo!

-Option 1: Nfinity Evolution -We have a sizing kit for these! Email office@ if you would like to get sized for this shoe. -CLICK HERE TO ORDER NFINITY EVOLUTION -Option 2: GK Spotlight -CLICK HERE TO ORDER GK SPOTLIGHT *Spanks—CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR SPANKS


October 29: Excite! Expo December 10: Acro meet @ Excite! February 3: Acro State in Houston February 23: Acro Banquet June 22-25: 2024 Travel Camp


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