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Acro Hotline | 9.28.23-10.5.23



-CHOREOGRAPHY: October 7th Mini: 12:30-2:30 | Youth: 3:00-5:00 At choreography, we will be learning our routines that will be shown at Expo on October 29th. Attendance at choreography is extremely important. If you have any issues attending this day, please email immediately. -Extra practices will be mandatory October 9th (youth) & October 12th (mini)


*PINK OUT and bring in your extra change to support Debbie Helmstetter (an Excite! alumni) who just rang the bell after her battle with breast cancer. We will have a gym-wide contest to see which team brings the most change!

TRUNK OR TREAT—October 27th

*We will have our fourth annual Trunk or Treat at the gym on October 27th. If you are interested in volunteering your car for the Trunk or Treat, please email gymnastics@ by October 15th to let us know! -Costume contest and spooky games!


*Excite! Expo is our big season starting showoff each year! This is the first time that the girls get to show off their routines, they will get judged by Coach Janet on one event, and it is a great practice meet to set off the 2024 competition season! Mandatory for all athletes. Date: October 29th Tickets: Spectator entry for Expo will be $15/ticket. -We are renting more bleachers this year to help have more seating. Our staff will all be working to make a great experience for you along with setting up on Saturday and assisting all day Sunday. We want this to be a great FUN big deal and kick-off for a great confident season for all! -Tickets are already available to purchase! Log into your parent portal and find Expo tickets under events. Tickets will be $15. Children 5 and under are FREE. These will be available for you to pick up the week before the event. Other information: -We will also be giving the option to pre-purchase flowers. This will be on next week’s hotline. -All details such as where to drop off, etc. will be released in a couple of weeks. -We will be taking Team Pictures on this date and will be available for purchase the following week. (Individual photos will be taken on a different day) -There will be food and snackS available to purchase. -There will be lots of proshop discounts! Times: Athletes arrive @ 3:00 sharp! Parents arrive @ 3:45 Acro showoff @4:15 Dismissed after showoff Attire & What to Bring: Meet day attire (Top TBA, black spanx, , meet hair, black Nike pros, white no show socks, acro shoes, clean & healthy snack, water bottle with closeable lid)


Gold star and torch will be starting up next week! -Earn a gold star each week by coming to all of your required practice times, making changes, wearing what you’re supposed to wear, and being a good teammate! -Torch is given out to an athlete each week who stands out throughout practices. If you get the torch, take it home, add something to the torch, and bring it back to the following practice. Just a reminder—the torch is earned and is not guaranteed to go to everyone!


Lakeside is hosting a event called North Texas Eco Friendly Vehicle Fair on October 15th! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE TO HELP SPONSOR THE EVENT! Flower Mound Arts Festival CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


*Band links have been attached in the important links section of the hotline. Please join the band and share it with any adults who will regularly be bringing/picking up your athlete(s) from practices.

ABSENCE REQUESTS We will have a form on the website soon for absence requests. In the meantime, please email into if needing to miss practice.


*EMBROIDERY: If you ordered a warm up jacket or a backpack and would like to get them embroidered, please take them to Flip Dog Sportswear located in our parking lot. They will know what font and color to use for both items. Contact Flip Dog at (972) 691-3557.

*SPIRIT SALE: Thank you to everyone who ordered from the spirit sale! All items should arrive by expo. You will receive an email when items are ready for pickup. *SHOES—Pick between these two options. Please order your shoes and spanks THIS WEEK so that the girls can practice in them before expo!

-Option 1: Nfinity Evolution -On Wednesday everyone who was not already wearing approved shoes was sized for nfinity evolutions. You can buy these on amazon. WE WILL NOT BE ORDERING THESE FOR YOU. Mini:

Sadie B- 5

Savannah D- 4

Presley F-Y3

Maverick P- Y3

Porter V- 8.5


Bro C- 7.5

Charlee F - 8

Evey M- 5

Mina M- 5

Audrina R- 6


*Billing for uniform top will be on September 29th, with October Billing

*Meet billing will be on October 16th. Amounts TBA.

*Banquet billing will take place on January 31st. More information TBA.


October 7th: Mandatory choreography—see announcements for more info October 13th: No conditioning practices October 29: Excite! Expo November 19-25: Closed for Thanksgiving Break *Possible extra practices TBA December 10: Acro meet @ Excite! December 20-31: Closed for Christmas Break *Possible extra practices TBA February 3: Acro State in Houston February 23: Acro Banquet June 22-25: 2024 Travel Camp





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