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Acro Hotline | 2.15.24-2.22.24



We will have our end of year party to celebrate the kiddos and their great season on Wednesday, February 21st during regular practice times.


Lost and found will be donated on Thursday, February 15th. Please check for any lost or missing items.


We will not have practice or extra practices the week of February 26-March 1st. Conditioning classes and tumble classes will still be running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. -No conditioning classes on Wednesday February 28th. Tumble classes will still be running.



What is next? *We will be forming a full season ACRO this year.  We tip toed into ACRO but now we are ready to take the GOLD!

After Season *Email into if you would DO NOT want to join our 2024-2025 ACRO TEAM.  Deadline to email in is February 23rd! Otherwise, everyone will be enrolled in the new season teams and billing will begin with March tuition / pro-rated. *We are giving everyone a short break thru spring break. Your season and billing for February will be your last billing cycle and you will continue to attend team time and conditioning and tumble class. Extra practices will be optional through February 22nd.

2023-2024 SEASON MARCH 18TH - MAY 31ST.  *March 18th - May 31st we will have one practice a week (Fridays). June and July are under discussion and will be in the new handbook; by August 2, team practices a week will begin and full training mode. 

ACRO ONLY TEAM MEMBERS *For March 18th - May 31st (1 team practice a week / 1 additional conditioning day of your choice / tumble class of your choice) Friday practice will include conditioning, tumbling, and Acro practice.             Cost: $100.00 a month (March pro-rated)             Friday: 5:00pm-6:30 pm

2 TEAM MEMBERS + ACRO TEAM *For March 18th-May 31st (1 team practice a week) + optional to attend 1 gym team conditioning time. Friday practice will include conditioning, tumbling, and Acro practice.             Cost: $40.00 a month (March pro-rated)             Friday: 5:00pm-6:30 pm *Athletes on gym team will not be charged for acro during this time since this is during their regular gym team practice. These athletes may be pulled during basic warm up to work some stunts/pyramids with acro on weeks that do not interfere with meet preparation.

*By May we will have a full season handbook available with time commitment, days, costs, etc. We are collecting all the information to give a clear picture of time commitment and costs. We do also have to wait until cheer and gym teams are formed to accommodate around their new possible season times.

*At any time during March- May, you can cancel your team position with no restrictions.  Teams will be formed May 18th and at that time full season commitments will be required starting in June.

*We have made the decision not to have ACRO attend the travel camp for 2024 summer with the gymnasts and cheerleaders.  For summer we are looking to attend an ACRO overnight camp instead; but all the dates are not available at this time. We are hoping to have these asap so you can plan your summer, we have made contact and are just waiting for replies.


Banquet fees were billed on January 31st for each athlete and one parent. The deadline to purchase extra banquet tickets was February 7th. Siblings are not allowed to come to banquet due to space in the venue. *Address:             Courtyard Mariott Riverwalk             4330 Courtyard Way             Flower Mound, TX 75028 *Date & Time: February 23rd from 6:00-8:00 pm *Attire: Sunday best


-The week of February 5-9th was the last week of gold star and torch.


-February will be the last month of regular billing for the 2023-24 acro season. -March will be pro-rated to reflect the break from Mach 1-17th.


February 23: Acro Banquet July 10-13, 2024: In House Camp at Excite!



Caitlin: (281) 610-4941 Dane: (214) 783-6638 Noelle: (214) 952-9573 Tia J: (817) 715-8191 Tia T: (469) 486-2780 Excite!: (972) 874-8500



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