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Acro Hotline | 10.26.23-11.2.23



*Extra practices will be mandatory: -October 26th 4:15-5:00 (mini) -November 20th 9:00-10:00 (mini and youth) *We will not have any practices on Tuesday, October 31st—Happy Halloween!


-November 5th 4:00-7:00 -We will run a few routines, do team building exercises, play games, and more! -There is no extra fee for this day, it is included with your team tuition -Mini and Youth teams will attend. We would love for everyone to be there! Please email acro@ with any scheduling issues.

TRUNK OR TREAT—October 27th

*We will have our fourth annual Trunk or Treat at the gym on October 27th at 7:00 pm. -Age-appropriate spooky games and costume contest! *For those who are decorating a trunk—we have 86 gymnasts on team. You can get to the gym any time after 6:15 for set up; we will block off the main parking lot around 6:45. *TIMES: Acro is welcome to come to open gym (free of charge) from 6:00-7:00; Trunk or Treat will run from 7:00-7:30


NEW EXPO INFO *We are watching the weather for the EXPO. We have been wanting rain but NOT this weekend, but we will adapt. *Bring your weather gear and raincoats and have kids have them on for drop off incase for drop off or pick up they will be outside for a bit. *We will give updates on the Bands if we make any changes to the day’s processes. *Do not worry we are on it and with the blessing of rain it may come with a few issues, nothing we can’t handle. EXPO SEATING: *We have ordered more bleachers this year, but we need to be sure everyone is seated close and no space in between. *We will have chairs too and please do not leave space and fill all seats middle out first. *Wear mask if you would like it will be close seating.

Date: October 29th Tickets: Spectator entry for Expo will be $15/ticket. -Pre-orders for tickets were available until October 22nd and will be available to purchase at Expo as well. -Tickets are $15; Children 5 and under are FREE. -Pre-ordered tickets are available at the front desk for pick up. Drop Off Process: -Enter the parking lot using our main entrance off of Highland Village Road. -Follow the Fire Lane to the right of the building past the playground area. -Drop athlete at the single door by the playground- this needs to be a quick exit! Your athlete should be fully ready with their backpack ready to get out of the car -Excite Staff will greet your athlete when they enter and guide your athlete to their team parents. -Follow the fire lane out and exit our parking lot by going past the dumpsters.
Parking: -Our parking lot will be used for photos, concessions, proshop and gathering so there will be no parking permitted in our parking lot. Only those with handicap stickers will be allowed. -You may use the parking lot by Seven Mile, painted tree or the businesses on the North side of our building (Trinity Wellness Center lots). -There will be a lot of people so we suggest to park early to give plenty of time to enter. Other information: -We will be taking Team Pictures on this date and will be available for purchase the following week. (Individual photos will be taken on a different day) -There will be food and snacks available to purchase. -There will be lots of proshop discounts! Times: Athletes arrive @ 3:00 sharp! Parents arrive @ 3:45 Acro showoff @4:15 Dismissed after showoff Attire & What to Bring: Meet day attire (Acro jersey, spanks, shoes, meet hair (double French braids), Excite! backpack, clean & healthy snack, water bottle with closeable lid)


-Earn a gold star each week by coming to all of your required practice times, making changes, wearing what you’re supposed to wear, and being a good teammate! -Torch is given out to an athlete each week who stands out throughout practices. If you get the torch, take it home, add something to the torch, and bring it back to the following practice. Just a reminder—the torch is earned and is not guaranteed to go to everyone!
Mini: Savannah Youth: Addie


*Spirit Sale: We will have a table for ALL spirit sale orders to be picked up at Expo in the pro shop area outside!



-State Meet fees will be billed on November 15th ($155) -Banquet fees will be billed on January 31st for each athlete and one parent. Additional parent tickets will be available prior to the banquet.


October 29: Excite! Expo November 19-25: Closed for Thanksgiving Break *Possible extra practices TBA December 10: Acro meet @ Excite! December 20-31: Closed for Christmas Break *Possible extra practices TBA February 3: Acro State in Houston February 23: Acro Banquet June 22-25: 2024 Travel Camp July 10-13, 2024: In House Camp at Excite!


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